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extreme cashmere x - cashmere for women


    extreme cashmere x

    Extreme shapes, extreme quality

    no limits, no concessions

    all seasons, all occasions

    every body, everybody

    This is the credo of the brand extreme cashmere, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2016.

    The two designers Saskia Dijkstra and Camille Serra aimed to create a cashmere brand that would produce knitwear of the ultimate quality , made in the best possible way, designed to be worn and loved by everyone, by everyone opportunity and without exception.

    The love of quality is the top priority for extreme cashmere's knitwear creations . The cashmere yarn for the exclusive knitwear comes from cashmere goats in the mountainous areas of Inner Mongolia. The cashmere fibers are collected by carefully combing out the soft undercoat on the neck and belly of the animals. Extreme cashmere only uses the longest available fibers for this purpose, since cashmere wool of the highest quality can only be produced from these.

    extreme cashmere only works with trusted suppliers who comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative.

    The noble styles that result from this are unisex and one-size.

    The material composition of cashmere and elastane has been chosen so skilfully that the high-quality jumpers and skirts , cardigans and trousers , dresses and tops really fit and suit all types and every body shape.

    An innovative concept that produces four collections per year consisting of 15 styles in new knit types , colors and designs that can be worn across the seasons. Classics are reinterpreted here in surprisingly new colors and shapes.

    The premium label is constantly developing and reinventing its luxurious knitwear .

    The longevity and sustainability of extreme cashmere garments is always in the foreground. Never loud or trend-oriented, always with class and understatement.

    The exclusive knitwear essentials of the premium label extreme cashmere are created with great attention to detail .
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