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AMI Paris | Casual Parisian chic with a minimalist touch

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French style without ornamental entanglement with a straight direction - this is how AMI Paris presents itself in its basics-oriented collections. The codes are deliberately designed in an urban style and are worn by dynamic men everywhere in the metropolis. But an AMI Paris hoodie still has something special that marks it as exclusive designer fashion for men. These are two reasons for the success of the brand. In addition, there is quality, sustainability of production and a clear commitment to wearable designer fashion for men that is absolutely contemporary and yet timeless. At AMI, streetwear is interpreted as a new classic for those men who know how to combine status and design with charm and a touch of irony.

Contemporary style concept design

Alexandre Mattiussi is the creative mind behind the label AMI Paris, founded in 2011. The adored designer came from Christian Dior, was Givenchy's first assistant and was successful at Marc Jacobs until he decided to design his own fashion at fair prices.

The approach is amazing, but with each new collection Alexandre Mattiussi shows how a clear idea of ​​wearable basics for men can be combined with high-quality materials with excellent workmanship, a touch of casual elegance and good prices. At AMI Paris he plays with popular streetwear, innovative color concepts and classic silhouettes of men's fashion. This is what makes its design so appealing.

Elegant & cool: AMI Paris for men

At first glance, wearable designer fashion at affordable prices seems like a compromise. But Alexandre Mattiussi proves the exact opposite with AMI Paris. His designs are based on the sporty style of the creative community. It's the kind of fashion he loves and wears himself. This character and the associated mindset suits us perfectly at ADAM/EVE, which is why we decided early on to include the label in our collection. Comfortable oversize models can be found among the AMI Paris sweatshirts as well as hoodies and coats. Sweaters & knitwear are casual without losing style. At AMI de Coeur for men, it contrasts common ideas with the iconic Ami de Coeur embroidery, which is also found as a trademark on caps, AMI de Coeur hoodies and sweatshirts.

Exclusive designer fashion for men without attitude

Alexandre Mattiussi's handwriting reveals professionalism, a sense of style and a thorough knowledge of men's fashion. He combines these skills with a modern lifestyle that focuses on partnership and synergies. Pure status does not appear in it. This is also reflected in the concept of the AMI Paris Stores, which are located in Paris, London and Milan. AMI Paris is a very personal label that is gaining sympathy precisely because of its almost intimate character.

The designer emphasizes that with AMI Paris he wanted to design fashion for his friends and himself. He is inspired by the very lifestyle that connects creative, successful men all over the world: a life in which work and creative recreation complement each other.

High-quality material and sophisticated workmanship at AMI Paris

Anyone who holds an AMI Paris hoodie in their hands can feel the care and the overall concept. The pleasantly dense texture of the sweat guarantees comfort that is appreciated in exclusive sportswear. Accurate details give the practical and comfortably cut oversize hoodie that touch of exclusivity that has more value than mere appearance. Alexandre Mattiussi creates fashion for men with added value. With the embroidered icon, the AMI de Coeur sweatshirt gets that ironic lightness that millennials loved so much and that Generation Y continues to write worldwide.

Clear menswear design with agreements

While Alexandre Mattiussi still opted for black in earlier collections, it is now powder and cream tones that define the look and thus underline its lightness. AMI Paris for men has always played confidently with the contrast between the classic understanding of designer fashion for men and its own view of clothing that combines intelligence, style and lifestyle.

The AMI Paris hoodie has something deliberately simple, makes a clear statement with the oversize and is one thing above all: wearable. For Mattiussi, the combination of jeans, sneakers, shirt and hoodie counts as an all-rounder. With his AMI de Coeur line, the designer also shows this for sweaters and knitwear.

Lightness with quality in light tones

His fashion should be uncomplicated, simply pour les amis. That was the credo of the brand from the very beginning, with which the renowned designer started. Hence the name of the label. It's a game with your initials and "friend". This is how he actually raised the company, this is how the collections are created. This is evident in the logo and in the impartiality with which masculinity is defined. Also very nonchalant in cream and powder tones.

Stylish and fair through everyday life with AMI de Coeur

For AMI Paris, style and l'art de vivre are the focus. Alexandre Mattiussi actually deals with the reality of life. Anyone who wears an AMI Paris sweater can be sure that the designer also has a consciously sustainable production in mind. The high-quality sweats from England, Italy or Japan are made into AMI de Coeur hoodies or AMI Paris sweatshirts in Portugal under fair conditions.

Jumpers & knitwear from AMI de Coeur don't just wear the icon with the heart for appearances. This makes AMI de Coeur interesting for men who see the world as more than just a toy and who lead a responsible lifestyle. AMI Paris with its line AMI de Coeur is her brand.

Streetwear by AMI Paris

Alexandre Mattiussi's label has all the basics on offer: from AMI de Coeur with sweaters & knitwear to AMI Paris sweaters or AMI de Coeur hoodies to shirts, T-shirts, jeans, sweatpants, accessories such as socks and sneakers. An entire outfit can be put together with AMI Paris. The different collections allow an individual selection. AMI de Coeur for men also offers darker shades up to black. And you don't just get an AMI Paris sweater in pastel tones.

Basics from AMI Paris: from shirt to socks

Mattiussi describes his ideas about fashion as deliberately unpretentious, yet his designs have that elegant something that modern, younger men also appreciate. With the AMI de Coeur sweater in particular, the craftsmanship that is currently experiencing a renaissance is clearly visible. But at AMI Paris, it is not purely traditional, but with a clearly innovative, contemporary signature. This is what makes the subtle difference in the label's men's fashion and explains its popularity.
You can feel the designer's view of the present and recognize the conscious focus on wearable basic shapes as a clear statement. The selection ranges from basic shirts to designer socks.

AMI de Coeur as a go-to outfit for friends of casual fashion

Behind AMI Paris is the commitment of an individual and a selected team. The success of the brand is based not least on this exemplary cooperation, which can be felt in every AMI Paris shop. The playful ease with which Alexandre Mattiussi deals is also evident in his AMI de Coeur line, which interprets designer fashion for men in an unusual yet wearable way. The designer decided in good time to have his own label and thus retained the fun and passion for design. The collections are excellently made and yet charmingly out of the box. So it's worth shopping for AMI de Coeur.

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