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    Golden Goose is a symphonic melody in the fashion world, a brand that stands out for its unique style. Originally known for their extravagantly designed distressed sneakers with star motifs, Golden Goose has expanded their collections to include enchanting clothing that guarantees both comfort and style. The distressed theme found in the brand's jeans and sweaters reflects Golden Goose's DNA and emphasizes an appreciation for an unconventional yet sophisticated look.

    The new Journey collection for women is an ode to Venice, home of Golden Goose, seen through the eyes of the dreamers who live in this city every day. Every garment and shoe in this collection is inspired by the breathtaking beauty and unparalleled charm of Venice. With the Journey collection, Golden Goose invites you to go on a sensual journey through the streets of Venice that harmonizes with the dreamy aesthetic of the brand.

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    37 products