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    Golden Goose is the sound of the fashion revolution, an Italian brand that challenges the status quo with its eye-catching and distinctive aesthetic. While Golden Goose became known for its unique star-themed distressed sneakers, the brand has expanded its offerings by introducing pieces that are just as appealing. The distressed look, present on jeans and sweaters, is a reflection of the Golden Goose DNA and emphasizes the brand's dedication to individuality and timeless style.

    The new Journey collection for men is a loving tribute to Venice, home of the Golden Goose, through the eyes of the dreamers who live in this city. Each piece in this collection is an echo of Venice's breathtaking beauty and distinctive culture. With the Journey collection, Golden Goose invites you to discover the unique beauty of Venice and immerse yourself in the world of fashionable elegance.

    28 products

    28 products