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    The Italian label Khrisjoy, founded in 2017 by renowned stylist Marzia Bellotti and Maurizio Purificato, co-founder of the luxury multi-brand store Antonia in Milan, has set itself the task of reinterpreting down jackets. After years in the fashion industry as a stylist for major publications, Marzia Bellotti released her new collection under the name Puff Khris Iconic. She decided to put her experience, know-how and eclectic personal style into a project that she was missing in the market and wanted to wear herself.

    Khrisjoy's down jackets are known for their voluminous oversized silhouettes, high-fashion details and innovative textures presented in a kaleidoscope of colors. All products are entirely made in Italy using certified materials, making the jackets particularly versatile.

    In 2020, Khrisjoy expanded its offering to include a men's collection designed in the same spirit as the women's collection. In 2021, the children's range was launched with Mini-Me jackets modeled after the adult models.

    But Khrisjoy goes beyond stylish designs and also has a strong focus on sustainability. At a time when sustainability is a high priority in the fashion industry, Khrisjoy underlines its commitment to the environment by working with manufacturers who work in harmony with the planet. The suppliers are very active in terms of environmental responsibility and strive to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure that all phases of production meet the highest ethical standards. A healthy and inclusive working environment is also promoted. Khrisjoy uses Oeko-Tex textiles, and the fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use. Even the polybags are made from beetroot and the logo-marked hangers are made from recycled plastic.

    4 products

    4 products