ELLA SILLA - Kaschmir für Damen / ADAM/EVE

ELLA SILLA - cashmere for women


    ELLA SILLA - Cashmere

    Behind the it knitwear label Ella Silla is the Hamburg designer Lisa Weinhold, who manages to impress us like no other with each of her elegant cashmere collections .

    At Ella Silla , passion for cashmere meets elegant and modern designs , which are processed with traditional craftsmanship into extremely delicate handknits in a perfect form.

    The know-how and attention to detail come from Ella Silla Siewertsen, who gave the premium label its name. For three generations, hand-knit cashmere dreams of the highest quality have come true at Ella Silla .

    Ella's old craft is processed into absolute luxury lightweights and brought to new life in each of her collections by the ideas of Lisa Weinhold.

    The high-quality sweaters, cardigans, coats and hats made of cashmere , regardless of whether they are plain knitted or in extravagant patterns, appear voluminous, but they amaze with their extreme lightness.

    The outstanding quality of the Ella Silla cashmere collection is due to the hand-picked selection of the most valuable of all cashmere yarns.

    These come from cashmere goats from Inner Mongolia. The cashmere fibers are collected by carefully combing out the soft undercoat on the neck and belly of the animal. After the fibers have been washed and selected by hand on site, they make their way to Italy, where they are processed into exclusive cashmere wool in traditional spinning mills.

    Every collection of cashmere sweaters and cardigans and accessories that is created from this dreamy product is extremely stylish and exclusive and impresses with its pronounced warmth and lots of character.

    Cashmere at its best!
    ELLA SILLA - Kaschmir für Damen / ADAM/EVE

    ELLA SILLA - cashmere for women

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