Designer blazers for women


    Blazers for women - Exclusive luxury blazers are a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe. A well-tailored blazer that fits like a glove enhances any outfit. Blazers are real combination talents, they can be worn with almost any outfit and are therefore absolute look boosters. In combination with the matching pants, the blazer becomes a suit and lets you appear confident and stylish. Depending on taste and the occasion, the look can be worn with sneakers or high heels and looks sporty and casual, or elegant. But blazers can also be worn wonderfully with denim. Depending on the occasion and season, you can wear your blazer in combination with your favorite jeans with a t-shirt or over a light cashmere sweater. The looks can be skilfully varied with the right accessories, such as a voluminous scarf or statement necklaces. Nothing looks as casual as a designer outfit consisting of jeans and a T-shirt, topped with a blazer and slightly rolled-up sleeves. The choice of shoes is again decisive for the look. The blazer not only works with jeans and trousers, it is also worn with skirts and dresses. Choosing the right cut is of course crucial. Depending on your size and stature, an elegant blazer with the perfect fit can underline your complete look and type. Oversize models give a casual, masculine touch and suit every woman. Smaller women are well advised with a tuxedo cut, while taller women look good with long blazers. A perfectly fitting shoulder area and a modern, narrow or wide lapel are the result of high-quality tailoring, such as in the various styles of the Italian luxury label Dondup. The choice of the respective model, whether you prefer a double-breasted, classic blazer or a simple 1-button closure, is up to you. Depending on the time of year and season, you will find an exclusive selection of designer blazers from top international designers at ADAM/EVE, which come in different colors and  high-quality materials leaves nothing to be desired.