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Stephan Boya | Luxurious cashmere fashion for women

When selecting our designers, we at ADAM/EVE place the greatest focus on the exclusivity and quality of the actual fashion. Accordingly, we do not look for brands that follow big business or do not meet our standards in terms of quality. Our customers should feel completely comfortable in their clothes. Regardless of whether this refers to the high quality of the materials, the knowledge of the production process or the respective branding.

A true prime example of such a fashion brand is the "Stephan Boya" label, which we have been selling in the local store near Munich for 2 years. The label produces unique, very high-quality and fashion-conscious cashmere goods for women. In contrast to purely sales-oriented fashion labels, Stephan Boya has the same mindset as we at ADAM/EVE, and therefore fits perfectly into our exclusive fashion range.

The label was created in Sylt in 2007 and is distributed by the two founders Glenda Scipio and Stephan Fahning. As a small retail business in another holiday region, this family environment and the characteristic flair are of course very convincing. Stephan Boya's motto, as the founders themselves reveal on their website, is "obvious".

Best quality and love for the product, of course

Luxury fashion & cashmere by Stephan Boya - ADAM/EVE

Why self-evident? The word should make it clear that the quality of cashmere products in the luxury scene should of course correspond to what Stephan Boya delivers year after year.

Of course , the selection of the best and highest quality materials plays a primary role here. Cashmere is one of the finest and most special materials for luxurious garments such as sweaters or cardigans. However, some fashion brands neglect the quality of the material, which unfortunately makes this soft and warm magic disappear. Not so with Stephan Boya: Only the best material is used here. In addition, the luxury brand attaches great importance to fair manufacturing conditions and good cooperation with the local people. The production takes place sustainably and strictly controlled under high fair-trade conditions. And not from a marketing point of view, but out of human conviction. The collections based on this luxurious cashmere always remain small and clear. The reason for this is the rare material. Because only the longest and best fibers of the purchased cashmere yarns are used for production. Consequently, every part of the luxury designer is extremely precious and special.

Red cashmere cardigan by Stephan Boya at ADAM/EVE

The fashionable designer pieces live from exactly this production, the quality and the mindset behind the product. This pure feeling when wearing makes the cashmere product unique and does not require any striking branding or the like, we like it and so do our customers. No matter when we show this luxury product to a fashionable woman, the product speaks for itself and makes everyone involved happy.

The design of the cashmere goods, apart from the indescribably good wearing comfort, convinces with a subtle and conscious color scheme. It doesn't matter whether the part is in vintage pink, light brown or red: thanks to the casual cuts and exclusive processing methods, the look is always unique and individual. The parts do not attract attention because of any print, but because of the skilfully simple coloring that is unobtrusively conspicuous.


Are you interested in Stephan Boya's fashion? You are welcome to visit us in Prien am Chiemsee and enjoy personal, honest and competent advice. You can find directions in our imprint . If you have any questions or requests about delivery, you can also use our contact form to reach us. You are also welcome to visit Stephan Boya's website , where you can get a good idea of ​​the characteristic fashion label.

Stephan Boya Cozy cashmere - ADAM/EVE

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