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    DARKPARK, founded by Inna Gerchikov in 2021, is an emerging, high-quality Italian men's and women's fashion label specializing exclusively in trousers and jeans. Driven by Gerchikov's desire to create pants that reflect her personal style, this forward-thinking project has taken off in terms of both desirability, attention and sales. The first collection was presented for the fall/winter 2022-23 season. The name DARKPARK captures the brand's liberal mix of the unconventional and the extraordinary with a fun, colorful vibe, offering countless variations on the pants theme.

    With full manufacturing in Italy and exclusive selection for women & men, DARKPARK positions itself as the go-to destination for luxury-focused, big-spending customers looking for a creative approach to pants. The overall vibe conveys a sophisticated edge that reworks the worlds of street and utility with a fashion-forward inventiveness elevated by labor-intensive craftsmanship and unexpected details.

    DARKPARK's design process is very organic and 3D, often starting with a pair of vintage jeans, cutting them up and sewing them back together, adding embellishments along the way or playing with whimsical treatments for some extra fashion pizzazz. Always roomy and wide-legged, key silhouettes include cargo pants, chinos and five-pocket jeans. In a variety of treatments and washes - stained, bleached, spattered, dyed, distressed and sanded - they highlight a cool and curated selection of materials.

    DARKPARK aims to promote sustainability also through mills whose continuous search for cutting-edge solutions in sustainability and circular economy benefits both the environment and fashion.

    4 products

    4 products