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extreme cashmere


    Extreme Cashmere: Pure cashmere elegance, beyond the season

    Experience Extreme Cashmere, the Dutch fashion brand from Amsterdam dedicated exclusively to high-quality cashmere wool. Founded by experienced designers Saskia Dijkstra and Camille Serra, the label breaks the traditional rhythms of the fashion industry and focuses on a select collection of unisex styles that embody the "one size fits all" principle.

    Minimalism meets luxury: the unique style of Extreme Cashmere

    The label is characterized by its minimalist and modern style, ideal for everyday wear and special occasions. The simple, elegant designs do without eye-catching prints and brand logos, so that they can be combined in many ways without losing individuality and personality.

    Ethics and Quality: Sustainable Luxury

    Extreme Cashmere uses only the finest, ethically and sustainably produced cashmere wool from Inner Mongolia. Each piece goes through strict quality controls and is handcrafted to meet the brand's high standards.

    Complete your wardrobe with Extreme Cashmere's timeless and versatile pieces, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide range of sweaters, cardigans, trousers and accessories, Extreme Cashmere leaves nothing to be desired. Now discover the simple yet statement-making color palette and seamless combination options this brand offers.

    extreme cashmere / ADAM/EVE

    extreme cashmere

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