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Michael Stars


    Michael Stars, founded in 1986 by Suzanne Lerner and Michael Cohen, began as a collection of unique one-size-fits-all graphic t-shirts and has evolved over the decades into a wide range of timeless and high-quality clothing designed to appeal to generations outlast. With the growth and evolution the label has experienced, a deep commitment to sustainable and charitable initiatives has also emerged.

    The brand is proud to produce over 70% of its garments locally in Los Angeles to ensure high quality production and fair wages, while minimizing its carbon footprint. West Coast-focused production is not only a quality assurance measure, but also a vibrant celebration of the brand's California roots.

    In addition to local production, Michael Stars also launched the Michael Stars Foundation, which since 2005 has supported nonprofit organizations working to create a more just world - both locally in Los Angeles and globally. The foundation focuses on promoting equality regardless of gender, race and socioeconomic class.

    Michael Stars' sustainable journey goes beyond production and also includes the use of high quality and environmentally friendly materials. Using fabrics like SUPIMA® cotton, sustainable cashmere certified by The Good Cashmere Standard®, and linen made from the flax plant, the brand relies on materials that are not only luxurious but also environmentally friendly.

    The collaboration with ThredUP allows customers to purchase preloved Michael Stars items, with each purchase supporting the Michael Stars Foundation. This initiative not only promotes clothing reuse but also supports the brand's philanthropic efforts.

    Suzanne Lerner, co-founder and CEO, emphasizes her gratitude for the opportunity to help women be their best selves while continuing to pursue the activism and philanthropy that have defined her life.

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    3 products