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Stefan Brandt


    Stefan Brandt's style embodies a deep appreciation for the materials used and the precision craftsmanship in production. The founder, Stefan Brandt, began his journey in the fashion industry after an academic career in physics and a postdoctoral fellowship in Colombia. With the founding of his own production in Quito, Ecuador, in 1992, he immersed himself in the world of jersey and continuously developed new processing techniques to produce a perfect product.

    In 2015, Stefan Brandt managed to set a milestone by processing Peruvian ELS Pima cotton in an innovative process. Through a revolutionary "15-step prefit treatment" and predominantly manual techniques, the luxurious cotton fabric was brought to perfection, resulting in a luxurious cotton jersey that gave its products unique properties. The use of hand-stitching techniques and the accuracy of fit, which was previously only known from made-to-measure clothing, set new standards in the jersey sector.

    Stefan Brandt's philosophy is reflected in the idea that there is no shortcut to excellence. Through selective raw materials of the highest quality and groundbreaking technological innovations, he was able to increase the quality of his products, which established the brand on the market without the use of marketing tools.

    Stefan Brandt's customers are those who recognize top craftsmanship as true luxury and are looking for uncompromising quality, clear lines and timeless shapes. They value an understated and subtle vision of luxury and are interested in how the products are made.

    Looking into the future, the Stefan Brandt brand is developing rapidly, and the clothing industry as a whole is facing a change in which sustainability and ecology will be at the forefront. Stefan Brandt answers these emerging concerns through transparent and environmentally friendly production methods.

    A historically significant step is Stefan Brandt's initiative in 2022 to start growing its own luxury cotton in Ecuador, thus resuming the domestication of this luxury cotton species at the place of production, a practice that has its roots in the early Valdivia phase the coast of Ecuador.

    Stephan Brandt | Designermode bei ADAM/EVE

    Stefan Brandt

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