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    Parisian label Stouls, founded by Aurélia Stouls, embodies the desire to create clothing that is in harmony with the reality of our lives as women. Aurélia brings together practical luxury and timeless style in a soft, radical silhouette. With 15 years of experience designing shoes for major French shoe manufacturers, Aurélia decided to divert the use of leather and began to think of an "all-leather" wardrobe in a different way with a T-shirt. Working on her collections with a single material, the language of color has become obvious and subtle.

    Stouls clothing is characterized by its leather - supple, stretchy and very fine, it is valued for its exceptional quality. The leather is produced and tanned in France, then cut in an atelier in Portugal by artisans to the strict standards of top luxury fashion brands.

    Stouls is also known for its color palette, an infinity of bold shades that highlight the sleek lines of Stouls designs. Another special feature is the range of machine washable leathers. Aurélia Stouls has reinvented the way leather is worn by developing a simple maintenance process: all Stouls garments can be machine washed like a pair of jeans or a cotton T-shirt.

    Stouls brand vocabularies continually innovate. “TO BE STOULSED” means dressing effortlessly, elegantly and comfortably. "TO STOULS ONESELF" refers to matching the items in the wardrobe with this exclusive line of leather clothing, and "LIVING STOULSLY" means wearing this leather clothing at any time of the day.

    Aurélia Stouls is a liberated and refined, independent and spontaneous woman whose passion for leather comes from her experience as a shoe designer. Her collections reflect the idea that active women can dress freely, both in their movements and their style, while guaranteeing a chic feminine attitude.

    From her design sessions near the village of Grimaud or her sunny southern origins, Aurélia has developed a subtle sensitivity for bold, vibrant, bright colors. Each carefully created color in Aurélia's collections evokes special nuances for her and the play is endless.

    Stouls Paris | Designermode für Damen & Herren - ADAM/EVE


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